Nicky Jam

Nick  Rivera  Caminero,  Nicky  Jam,  is  one  of  the  pioneers  of  Reggae-ton  in  the  world.  At  the  age  of  11  he  recorded  his  first  album  called  “Diferente  a  los  Demás.”

In  February  2015,  Nicky  Jam  teamed  up  with  Enrique  Iglesias  to  release  “El  Perdón,”  his  most  internationally  acclaimed single to date. “El Perdón” reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot La-tin  Songs  chart  for  30  weeks  (the  second  longest  single  in  chart  his-tory). In January 2016, Nicky released “Hasta el Amanecer” which also became the biggest Latin song of the year. In 2017 Nicky Jam released his  hit  “El  Amante,”  and  his  studio  album  titled  “Fenix.”  The  single  “El  Amante”  quickly  became  an  international  success,  reaching  platinum  certification 7 times, as did his album, which was awarded 11 platinum certifications.  In  2018  he  achieved  3  new  Latin  Grammy  nominations,  and collaborated on the song “Te Boté Remix,” which became the most watched video of the year worldwide on YouTube. In addition, Nicky Jam had the honor of singing the official theme of the 2018 FIFA World Cup: “Live  It  Up,”  which  he  performed  alongside  Will  Smith  and  Era  Istrefi.

In 2021, Nicky Jam sur-prised  with  “Fan  de  Tus  Fotos”, the album consists of 15 tracks that start with a bang, bringing his old school reggaetón sound to the forefront, but continue portraying all the different facets of Nicky’s artistry, from the raw and  real  rap  verses,  to  the  romantic  and  melodic  slow-tempo  songs  that really showcase his singing voice.